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16 Florida and NCBTMB CE Hours

NCBTMB Provider # 450670-08; Florida State CE Provider # 50-9043; Louisiana State CE Provider # LAP0155

Instructors: Jairo Cardona and Dennis Stovall, LMTs, NCBTMB

The Thai Detox Massage incorporates Thai Reflexology- Energy Work; Hot/Cold Herbal Compress treatments; whole body dry brush applications; and Ayurvedic Abdominal Massage. The fusion of these massage cleansing techniques stimulates internal organs, works on the muscular, circulatory and lymphatic systems, eases tension, improves blood/lymph circulation, removes toxins from the abdominal major organs, eliminates waste, clears energetic blockages and balances energy ki, or life force, to improve overall health. Another purpose of Thai Detox Massage is to work specifically with the foot and hand meridians and marma points (acupuncture points) to ground and balance the entire body.

Participants will learn how to integrate this Thai Detox Protocol into their existing massage practice using rhythmic acupressure techniques on the feet and hands, abdominal techniques and how to apply heated towels and heated herbal compresses to their clients.

This unique Detox massage routine will add an Eastern philosophical and technical approach to your massage and will increase your repertoire of techniques to enable you to effectively provide an invigorating, detoxifying, and yet relaxing massage that suits your active, healthy clients who have highly physical, and stress-filled lives. This type of bodywork is becoming increasingly popular and requested modality for health spas and massage therapists.

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Thai Massage is much more than massage

Thai Detox Class

Thai Spiritual Rituals

Congratulations to a wonderful Thai massage class!

Thai Detox Class

Thai Detox for me is:

“An opportunity to acknowledge myself, accept me and heal me. An invitation to see others in my life as an element of my growth. An empowerment to accomplish my goals and get the freedom that takes me to the true. A tremendous opportunity to appreciate the life, the world, the universe within me and out of me in order to heal it, bless it and love it.”

Thai Massage Compassion in Action

“Change. New way of Life. New perspectives. The falling of the tower to get rid of the old and bring in the new. It is the Way; the way to find my highest self within me; the way to be clean and pure for myself and all those I touch. It is reclaiming my power and allowing myself to feel true joy in order to be truly content; so that I can be the best person I’ve ever dreamed possible. Thai Detox will help me to be a magnificent vessel of healing. There is always another way.”

Thai Detox Rituals 01

“The process of washing away, clearing and cleaning all the toxins, insults, injuries, and any energies which take away from experiencing the free flow of loving, healing energy throughout all levels of my being. It is also the process of continual and conscious return to wholeness by removing from one’s life all those things that negatively affect the person and reintroducing the person to those things that are healthy and freeing. It is a state of being, a new paradigm and perspective to achieve the freedom, love, and peace that I desire for myself and all those I have the opportunity to share it with.”

Thai Rituals

“Detox for me is self-care. Loving myself and trusting myself to let go of others’ opinions and judgments and criticisms and my own opinions, judgments and criticisms and allowing new beliefs to work in my life. Allow God to work in my life through prayer and the other loving people I attract. Reminding myself that opposites heal, seeing each conflict as a gift. Trusting my heart to be open and free to express myself and my goodness without allowing the opinions of others to affect me. To be of service through God, choosing only to please God and his desire for my life. Allowing intuition to take the lead.”

Thai Rituals 02

“That Detox for me is: to keep balance; bring all the power within myself and be able to use it for healing others and keeping my body in balance. To achieve this: proper nutrition, clear mind—positive thoughts, humble heart—projecting love/understanding, know that all I am is everywhere and everything is within myself. In practice: able to say no, follow heart instinct, listen and quiet mind.”

Thai Detox Laws

“That Detox for me is knowing who I am, identifying my weaknesses and everything that stops me of reaching my full potential. Thai Detox is for me an affirmation of myself, is a blessing, is the end, and the beginning.”

“Putting into action what I know. Taking my time to connect and feel. Use of my knowledge to better myself, my world, which undoubtedly will affect my work and benefit people surrounding me (family, friends, clients). It’s calligraphy, so I can sign with pride my name on my masterpiece…me.:
--Julio Cesar

Thai Detox Rituals

Thank you for becoming part of our mission; Namaste!

  Jairo Cardona and Dennis Stovall, LMT’s, NCBTMB

  Sacred Bodywork Founders/ Directors

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