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Honoring Our Teachers

Honoring our Thai Teachers

Sacred Bodywork is honored to continue the Traditional Thai Culture and spiritual healing arts lineage and always will respect and honor our Thai massage teachers at the School of Thai Massage Shivakomarpaj ~ The Old Medicine Hospital, the Sunshine Massage School, Nerve Touch School of Thai Massage, Jack Chaiya Traditional Thai Massage School, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Special thanks to Bob Haddad, Dot Po, Lek Chaiya (Thiwon), Jack Chaiya (Photchenet), Jongrak Intatha, Janice Vitavec, Kam Thye Chow, Michael Buck, Noam Tyroler, Pad Thepsai, Shai Plonski, Suriya Chunkesa and Pierce Salguero for being truly inspirational to us.

Jairo & Dennis

Jairo Cardona & Dennis Stovall, LMTs, NCBTMB.

Founders/Directors of SACRED BODYWORK


Mama Lek Chaiya

Honoring Mama Lek


For many generations in Lek Chaiya’s family, the traditional Thai Healing Arts have been handed down from mother to daughter and Mama Lek began her training with her mother, a revered healer in Jom Thong district, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

As a young women, she moved to Lampang where she raised her family and continued to work in Ancient (Traditional) Thai Massage.

Lek ChaiyaIn 1982 she came to Chiang Mai to join the staff of The Association of Northern Herbs at Wat Suan Dok. When the association was disbanded, she founded ‘Ancient Thai Massage Lek Chaiya’, located in front of Wat Suan Dok and remained as owner / director until 1994, after which she operated out of her home until launching her new venture with her son (Maew, Tananan Willson), Lek Chaiya Nerve-Touch Traditional Thai Massage with Medicinal Herbs Packs in 1997.

She received many awards and recognitions over the years of her outstanding contributions to the Authentic Thai Traditional Healing Arts. Most recently she was appointed Lecturer of Thai Massage by the Project of Rehabilitation for Thai Masseurs), Foundation of Health Development and Staff, Bangkok. www.nervetouch.com

Her Certificates and Awards Include:

- Special Training: “Herbs” Royal Project Committee, Lampang Thailand, December 1982 Special training : “How to use herbs” Royal Project Committee, Chiang Mai, September 1985

- Nerve-Touch Massage Basic Training, Committee of Northern Herbs Association. Chiang Mai, January 1987

- Special Curriculum for Using Herbs, Committee of Herbs Center of Thailand. Chiang Mai, March 1993

- Special Curriculum for Using Herbs, Committee of Herbs Center of Thailand. Chiang Mai, January 1996

- Honorary Award, Special Herbs Training Course, Mae Rim District, Chiang Mai, January 1996

- Training of advanced study for masseurs, Project of Rehabilitation of Thai Massage, Foundation of Health Development, Bangkok, December 1996

- Training of advanced study for masseurs, Foundation of Health Development. Bangkok, December 1997

- Finally, she was appointed: Lecturer of Thai Massage, The Project of Rehabilitation for Thai Masseur's, Foundation of Health Development, Bangkok.

Mama Lek crossed the rainbow in April 2013.

Jack Chaiya

Jack Chaiya and Mama LekKru Jack has inherited the legacy and great reputation of his mother Lek Chaiya, who came from a family of Thai medicine practicioners. Jack was trained by Mama Lek in jàp sên (literally 'nerve touch'), a Northern Thai massage technique akin to acupressure. He traveled with Mama Lek to the USA and led the Nerve Touch Seminar with the Spirit Wind School in California.  He recently taught in an illustrious Retreat center located in the vast Siberian countryside of Russia. He regulary instructs at the annual "Thai Massage Circus,"  which is a month long in-residence seminar in Luang Prabang Laos.  This is organized by the Osteo-Thai Massage group and is a month long intensive workshop featuring Yoga, Osteo-Thai bodywork, Meditation, Chi Nie Tsang, and  Kru Jack's method of Thai Massage.

Kru Jack has strongly influenced the Osteo-Thai method which incorporates Osteopathic principles with Traditional Thai Massage.  Likewise, he has incorporated this method into his own repertoire of teaching and healing.

Jongrak Intatha

JongrakA native native of Thailand with more than two decades of experience, Jongrak continues to share her passion for Thai massage through her teaching methods.

Jongrak began practicing the Art of Thai massage at the Old Medicine Hospital in Chiang Mai Thailand in 1990. From here, Jongrak continued to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Spa in Bangkok as trainer. From there, she relocated in 2001 with Mandarin Oriental Hotel Spa in Miami Florida as their Thai Massage Instructor. She's been training for the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Spa Group since 1993 in addition to her private practice for the past 18 years throughout Asian, Europe, India, and Canada.

Janice Vitavek

Janice VitavekFounder of the Spirit Winds School of Thai Massage. Levels I-VI (Basic through Teacher Training) at ITM, Thailand, 1997 & 1999; 10-day course, Old Medicine Hospital, Chiang Mai, Thailand, 1999; Nerve Touch Thai Massage with Medicinal Herbs, Lek Chaiya, Chiang Mai, Thailand, 1997; Certified Instructor, ITTA, 1998; annual training and experience throughout northern and southern Thailand for the last eleven years.

Janice has studied with many teachers throughout Thailand and provides classes (Introductory through Advanced) on both northern and southern styles as well as herbal massage.

Kam Thye Chow

Kam Thye ChowKam Thye has taught Thai massage in Thailand and throughout Europe, Canada, and the United States.

He is the author of Thai Yoga Massage, Advanced Thai Yoga Massage, and Thai Yoga Therapy for Your Body Type, Kam is the founder of the Lotus Palm School in Montreal.

Kam Thye Chow lives in Montreal.


Pierce Salguero

Pierce SalgueroPierce traveled to Asia shortly after completing his undergraduate degree at the University of Virginia. His degree was in anthropology, with a focus on Asia. With her first visit to Thailand, he became enamored of its culture and history. He stayed from 1997-2001, studying Thai Traditional Medicine, including massage and healing herbs.

While there, he studied with a variety of masters, including Mama Lek and Mama Nit, eventually progressing to instructor certification through the Shivagakomarpaj Traditional Medicine Hospital. Upon his return to the U.S., he founded Tao Mountain to continue and share the Shivagakomarpaj lineage with which he had become vested. He has continued to study and share his knowledge through teaching and publishing of books. His books include:

- A Thai Herbal. Forres, Scotland: Findhorn Press, 2003.

- The Encyclopedia of Thai Massage. Forres, Scotland: Findhorn Press, 2004.

- The Spiritual Healing of Traditional Thailand. Forres, Scotland: Findhorn Press, 2006.

- Thai Massage Workbook: Basic and Advanced Course. Findhorn Press, 2007.

- Traditional Thai Medicine: Buddhism, Animism, Ayurveda. Prescott: Hohm Press, 2007.

Michael Buck

MuktiMichael Buck holds a prominent profile in the massage arts and is a recognized inspiration among his colleagues and students. He has been licensed and in full time practice since 1984. In 1985, Michael graduated from the Swedish Institute in New York City while at the same time attending the Ohashi Institute where he graduated from the advance program in 1986. He received his license in New York in 1986. In June of 1987, Michael graduated from the Anma Institute in San Francisco, California. In June of 1997, Michael was awarded a level three instructor status from the International Thai Therapist Association (ITTA).

Each year, Michael travels and studies in Thailand. He holds certificates from the Institute of Thai Massage (ITM) in Chiang Mai and concluded an intensive study of traditional thai herbal massage with "Mama" Lek Chaiya. His experience also includes two years as medical massage instructor at the Ocean Massage Institute (OMI) and at the Garden State Holistic Center where he taught Vedic Massage and Oriental Diagnosis (5 element theory).

Presently Michael serves as an elective instructor at several schools and yoga centers through out the United States and Europe. His credits also include founder/director of Touch Dynamics Massage Guild, member of ABMP, former member of ITTA, and founder/director of The Vedic Conservatory.

In 1976, Michael received formal initiation into the Vaisnava monastic order and was ordained by the celebrated sanskrit scholar A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. Serving under his tutelage for four years, Michael executed "Sanat Varnashrama Dharma" (living and study vows) and was instrumental in opening several Vedic yoga and meditation ashrams (full time live-in centers) nationally. His spiritual sentiments and devotion remains unchanged.

Michael's classes are routinely infused with the teachings of the illustrious and auspicious Vedic culture. Traditional ayurvedic ceremonial rituals such as Puja (sacred invocations for family/social progress), Tratak (centering meditation opening the "third eye" for physical and emotional stability), Pranayama (conscious breathing disciplines producing inspired insight), and mantra (vocalizing sound resonances for mental clarity and self-empowerment) are typically experienced in his Thai Yoga Bodywork courses.

Instructional DVDs by Michael Buck

- Thai Yoga Massage Nuad Boran

- Vedic Massage Thai on the Table




Namaste and a rainbow of blessings to all!

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