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Thai Massage on the Table

Thai Massage on the Table

64 Florida and NCBTMB Continuing Education Hours

NCBTMB Provider # 450670-08; Florida State CE Provider # 50-9043; Louisiana State CE Provider # LAP0155

Thai Massage can easily be adapted to the table in all four traditional positions. We devote two days to each position to provide sufficient time to explore and practice the possibilities:

In these exciting passive yoga stretch workshops, students will learn how to affect the whole person in practical Thai Massage sessions performed on the massage table. Clients can be fully/partially clothed and no oil, lotion or gel is needed.

This invigorating and yet relaxing Thai table massage will suit your active, healthy clients who have highly physical or stressful lifestyles. This type of bodywork is an increasingly popular and requested modality for the work place, corporate and/or industrial settings, health/yoga retreats, health spas, gyms, sports events, and clinical settings. It also complements and can be used in conjunction with a variety of other bodywork modalities.

Participants will learn how to integrate Thai massage into their existing practice and how smoothly elements of a typical Traditional Thai Massage session can be performed on the massage table with dynamic flowing movements, joint manipulation, rhythmic stretching. Smooth transitions will have you gracefully moving from beside the table to on top of the table to make the most of gravity.

Upon completion of the class, you will be prepared to give 60 to 90 minute Thai on the Table general restorative sessions or treatments specifically targeted to one of five common chronic pain conditions.

Participants will get:

Thai Massage on the Table works well for clients who do not feel comfortable on the Thai mat on the floor or in situations where a table is available but a mat is not. Safer proper stretching techniques and body mechanics taught in this class means less work for the therapist, less effort and less risk of back, knees, wrists and thumbs injury, benefiting both the therapist and the client.

These Thai massage on the table classes are appropriate for:

Thai on the Table at Daytona State College

Congratulations to our last Thai on the Table Class at Daytona State College!

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Thai massage is much more than massage...

"From the point of view of spiritual practice, there is a very deep connection between the outer world and the inner world. If we look at the essential nature of both of these in their uncontrived state, we can see that the essential nature of mind and the essential nature of the world is the same. These two are of the nature of equality. And when we realize and understand that, it's like pouring water into water." --  His Holiness 17th Gyalwa Karmapa, 'Bodhisattva'


“Exploring the spiritual and magical qualities of Thai Massage and the Thai way of life gives me the opportunity to explore my own universe in a different way. It helps remind me that my world is more than what I typically see. And it challenges me to find ways to embrace new ideas and grow. The use of massage to illustrate this is powerful and helps connect with another person. While I am not actually practicing I hope to incorporate what I have learned in my close relationships.”
-- Michael

Thai Massage on the Table Class


“A journey, where two souls and spirits become one through deep connection. Learning how to listen to a body. Delivery of Love. Acceptance of yourself. Thai massage is an experience you will carry out and remember forever. It is taking the power of touch to a whole new level.” -- Julia


The heart compels Action

“Spiritual connection beyond the everyday level. Staying connected to spirituality becomes easier as if a way of life. Touching the true root of bring that couldn’t been tarnished from very early on by society, including family, and allowing freedom. This can enhance my career by making me a free positive light; therefor being able to free others.” -- Ozzy


The heart compels Action

“Spiritual, Intimate, Emotional, Healing, Mystical, Unified, Loving, Caring, All encompassing, Transforming, Calming, Painfully, Relieving, Enlightening.” – Josh


We love Thai Massage

“Stillness of the Ocean Waves Crashing on the Beach… A perfect Dance of Stillness and Movement Allow Stillness.” – Renee


We love Thai Massage!

“Pure and authentic healing on all levels of body, mind and spirit. Healing happens trough and between the practitioner and receiver. It creates a sacred space for new possibilities. It is letting go and releasing of the old that doesn’t serve anymore. It replenishes my spirit, soul and physical being so that I have all the joy and happiness to share with my loved ones. It does allow me to be open for the experience and get to core of my being. It is heart level healing and connection.” … “It’s been amazing two days of discovering new possibilities in healing. I came here to learn a new modality of massage but found something much deeper.”  – Rikka


Thai Massage Sacred Bodywork

“A bright opening to a new way of giving and receiving love. An experience where you can feel the energies of all who have given and received before you. What it feels like to truly begin to discover what makes you who you are and who you want to be and what kind of energy you wish to leave in this world.” – Moira

Thai is Spiritual  Connection

“Supportive Universal Love and Cohesive Intimate Dance. Acknowledgement of the Divine Feminine & Masculine energies. Push Pull- Rhythm, Hips- Root Chakra, Circular- Intuitive, Fertilizer to the Soul, Nourishment, Complete abundant Love conversation.” …
“We are all reflections of light. Thank you to Kumu Jairo Kealoha Cardona and Dennis Stovall for being the vessel and the conduit.” -- Kia


Thai Massage on the Table

“An amazing way of life that brings a new perspective into my life. I feel that this class was meant for me to be here and I was called here to find my way. Learning how the body connects with the mind and the spirit seems like common sense and of great importance. I truly wish our country and the world embrace these concepts. I feel that more people would be happy and healthy. I am excited to learn more.”… “What an amazing class. I woke up this morning as refreshed and renewed as ever. THANK YOU; THANK YOU; THANK YOU!! You have given me so much knowledge and power in just two days! – Heather



Thank you to our Thai family for becoming part of our mission; Namaste!

  Jairo Cardona and Dennis Stovall, LMT’s, NCBTMB

  Sacred Bodywork Founders/ Directors


NCBTMB LogoSacred Bodywork, LLC is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider. NCBTMB Provider # 450670-08, and by the States of Florida and Louisiana Boards of Massage Therapy, Florida CE Provider # 50-9043 and Louisiana CE Provider #LAO0155.